Merredew, Merydue, Merridew, Meridew, Merrydew, Merydew, Merriden, Merridan
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Croydon, SRY



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ASHBY, May Helen  27 Mar 1910Croydon, SRY I2426
2 BANCE, Edmund  8 Nov 1794Croydon, SRY I2887
3 BANCE, Edward  C1816Croydon, SRY I2890
4 BANCE, Elizabeth Catherine  C1832Croydon, SRY I2884
5 BANCE, Elizabeth Jane  C1822Croydon, SRY I2894
6 BANCE, Emily Jane  C1835Croydon, SRY I2886
7 BANCE, George  C1820Croydon, SRY I2893
8 BANCE, Henry  31 Jan 1791Croydon, SRY I2880
9 BANCE, Henry  C1826Croydon, SRY I2882
10 BANCE, Henry William  C1819Croydon, SRY I2892
11 BANCE, Jane Ashley  C1827Croydon, SRY I2883
12 BANCE, Mary Ann  26 May 1789Croydon, SRY I2879
13 BANCE, Mary Anne  C1817Croydon, SRY I2891
14 BANCE, William Ashley  C1834Croydon, SRY I2885
15 BIRD, Elizabeth  C1743Croydon, SRY I3029
16 BRANDDON, Sarah  C1815Croydon, SRY I3032
17 DOWSETT, Elizabeth Hannah  6 Mar 1780Croydon, SRY I3028
18 JENNER, Elizabeth  1851Croydon, SRY I2870
19 JENNER, William  C1821Croydon, SRY I2869
20 MCCARTHY, Edward  C1801Croydon, SRY I3253
21 MCCARTY, Mary Ann  C1827Croydon, SRY I3251
22 MEREDEW, Ronald Edwin  C1925Croydon, SRY I1767
23 MERIDEN, Alice  23 Oct 1653Croydon, SRY I2058
24 MERIDEN, Jane  C1659Croydon, SRY I2062
25 MERIDEN, Joan  C1659Croydon, SRY I2063
26 MERIDEN, John  C1666Croydon, SRY I2060
27 MERIDEN, Robert  8 Dec 1655Croydon, SRY I2052
28 MERIDEN, Sarah  C1658Croydon, SRY I2055
29 MERIDEN, Susan  C1657Croydon, SRY I2054
30 MERIDEN, Susan  C1658Croydon, SRY I2061
31 MERIDEN, Susan  C1662Croydon, SRY I2053
32 MERREDEW, Alfred  1882Croydon, SRY I3066
33 MERREDEW, Ann  C1840Croydon, SRY I3176
34 MERREDEW, Annie Maria  23 Oct 1867Croydon, SRY I3166
35 MERREDEW, Arthur Edward  8 Sep 1869Croydon, SRY I3168
36 MERREDEW, Charles Thomas  C1819Croydon, SRY I3192
37 MERREDEW, Charles William  1890Croydon, SRY I3105
38 MERREDEW, David  1884Croydon, SRY I3103
39 MERREDEW, Doris Ena  3 Jan 1909Croydon, SRY I3058
40 MERREDEW, Edmund  C1832Croydon, SRY I2871
41 MERREDEW, Edward John  31 Dec 1928Croydon, SRY I3085
42 MERREDEW, Eliza  C1802Croydon, SRY I3023
43 MERREDEW, Eliza  C1842Croydon, SRY I2873
44 MERREDEW, Eliza Jane  C1857Croydon, SRY I3320
45 MERREDEW, Elizabeth  C1801Croydon, SRY I2864
46 MERREDEW, Elizabeth  C1837Croydon, SRY I2872
47 MERREDEW, Elsie Ellen Isobel  1902Croydon, SRY I3054
48 MERREDEW, Emma  1816Croydon, SRY I3191
49 MERREDEW, Frances Mary  8 Sep 1809Croydon, SRY I3187
50 MERREDEW, Frederick  1853Croydon, SRY I3318

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BRANDDON, Sarah  1857Croydon, SRY I3032
2 DOWSETT, James  1796Croydon, SRY I3030
3 MERIDEN, Robert  Mar 1655/6Croydon, SRY I2052
4 MERREDEW, Alfred  1952Croydon, SRY I3066
5 MERREDEW, Alfred Albert  1960Croydon, SRY I3068
6 MERREDEW, Charles William  1943Croydon, SRY I3105
7 MERREDEW, Charlotte  17 Feb 1860Croydon, SRY I3025
8 MERREDEW, David  1901Croydon, SRY I3103
9 MERREDEW, Edmund  Mar 1815Croydon, SRY I2863
10 MERREDEW, Edmund  Aug 1815Croydon, SRY I3189
11 MERREDEW, Edmund  Aug 1834Croydon, SRY I2871
12 MERREDEW, Edmund  18 Sep 1848Croydon, SRY I2989
13 MERREDEW, Eliza  3 Sep 1823Croydon, SRY I3023
14 MERREDEW, Elizabeth  Nov 1817Croydon, SRY I2864
15 MERREDEW, Frances Mary  1877Croydon, SRY I3187
16 MERREDEW, James  Aug 1815Croydon, SRY I3188
17 MERREDEW, John  2 Sep 1806Croydon, SRY I2986
18 MERREDEW, John Thomas  10 Nov 1942Croydon, SRY I3041
19 MERREDEW, Kate  1886Croydon, SRY I3104
20 MERREDEW, Leonard Thomas  1855Croydon, SRY I3037
21 MERREDEW, Mary  May 1825Croydon, SRY I2865
22 MERREDEW, Richard  Aug 1815Croydon, SRY I3190
23 MERREDEW, Ronald C.  1930Croydon, SRY I3087
24 MERREDEW, Sydney George  1904Croydon, SRY I3079
25 MERREDEW, Thomas  17 Jul 1847Croydon, SRY I3027
26 MERREDEW, Thomas  1895Croydon, SRY I2866
27 MERREDEW, Victor John  1 May 1977Croydon, SRY I3055
28 MERREDEW, William  8 Apr 1871Croydon, SRY I3106
29 MERREDEW, William Frederick  1846Croydon, SRY I3182
30 MERRIDEW, Emma Caroline  Oct 1836Croydon, SRY I3108
31 MERRIDON, Lizzie  Dec 1957Croydon, SRY I1168
32 MERYDEN, John  Jul 1654Croydon, SRY I2059
33 MERYDEN, John  1684Croydon, SRY I782
34 MILLER, Louisa Sarah  14 Jan 1972Croydon, SRY I3242
35 MOORE, Sarah  16 Jan 1826Croydon, SRY I2987
36 NEWMAN, Caroline  1883Croydon, SRY I3107
37 PHELPS, Elizabeth  Nov 1823Croydon, SRY I2862
38 RYDE, Harriett Mary  1914Croydon, SRY I3319
39 _____-, Joan  Dec 1669Croydon, SRY I783


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DUKE / MERREDEW  29 Jul 1922Croydon, SRY F1258
2 HARRIS / MERRIDEW  5 Nov 1851Croydon, SRY F199
3 MERREDEW / BENYON  1910Croydon, SRY F1339
4 MERREDEW / COURTMAN  1936Croydon, SRY F1273
5 MERREDEW / HORSCROFT  1923Croydon, SRY F1268
6 MERREDEW / MEADS  1947Croydon, SRY F1264
7 MERREDEW / WICKETT  1934Croydon, SRY F1260
8 WEBB / MERREDEW  21 Feb 1940Croydon, SRY F1261
9 WOOD / MERREDEW  27 Apr 1872Croydon, SRY F1309