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201 1881 census with parents age 2 MERIDEN, Sarah Jane (I1850)
202 1881 Croydon census f.94 at 5 Fern Cottage,Oval Rd. Rhoda age 51 MERREDEW, Rhoda (I2868)
203 1891 age 1 month. Perhaps she and Ethel are one and the same. MERRIDEW, Betty (I2354)
204 1891 age 35 MORRELL, Lucy (I355)
205 1891 age 7. died age 75 MEREDEW, George William (I2353)
206 1891 age 8. died age 68. MERRIDEW, Edward Norman (I2352)
207 1891 age 9 MEREDEW, Lucy Ann (I2351)
208 1891 census age 10. MERRIDAN, Joseph (I1853)
209 1891 census age 12 living with wid mother. MERRIDAN, Alice Edith (I1852)
210 1891 census age 12 with family.
Emigrated on his own 11 Oct 1922 onboard ????? from Southampton to New York age 42 Carpenter - relative is his wife Mrs Meredew, 3 Clarence Villas, Salt Hill, Slough.
Emigrated with family on SS America from Southampton Feb 23 1924 he is age 42 a carpenter - relative in UK is his sister Mrs Vyane Trelaven, 62 East Rd, Portway, West Ham, Essex. born Slough. Destination in US Long Island 
MEREDEW, William George (I496)
211 1891 census age 33 a widow with 3 children living with her. SMITH, Phoebe (I1043)
212 1891 census age 7. MERRIDEN, Agnes Maud (I2366)
213 1891 census with parents on 1891 census.Information from Commonwealth War
Graves Commission In Memory of William Merredew, Corporal G/11425, 11th Bn,
The Queen's (Royal West Surrey Regt) who died on Friday 19 Oct 1918 age 30.
son of Mr & Mrs Merredew, 147 New Park Rd, Brixton Hill, London. 
MERREDEW, William (I3245)
214 1899 Croydon Dir at 18 Limes Road and 1900 to 1901 at 4 Westbury Rd. Croydon. Died aged 82. On 1901 census name shown as Meredith.

Wrights Bristol Directory 1904 60 Birch Rd. 1940 55 Coldharbour Rd.
Had a business in Croydon that went bankrupt (poss. a grocers)
Address at marriage 43 Lime Rd. Croydon. Job as Greengrocer (master).
Witness's to marriage F. Rayment and Annie M. Merredew his sister.
Plymouth Bretheren.Known to be a travelling salesman for Isles selling fruit.
He was away all week just home at weekends. 
MERREDEW, James William (I3113)
215 1901 census Birmingham, WAR
Arthur Merridew 49 watchmaker bn Coventry
Eliza Merridew 40 bn Birmingham
Dorothy Merridew 10 bn Birmingham
Hilda Merridew 6 bn Birmingham 
MERRIDEW, Arthur George (I348)
216 1901 census shown as Charles but this is her! Two Charlotte's being married in this quarter so don't know which one is his wife. HAYLOCK, Charlotte Gray or (I491)
217 1940 Kellys address 24 Durdham Park Bristol 6.1950 22 Henleaze Gds, Westbury-on- Tryme. 1962 40a Eastfield Way, Bristol and 1973 15 Belgrave Rd,Bristol 8.
Address at death 19 Blenheim Rd, Redland. 
MERREDEW, Roland James (I3126)
218 2 children MERRIDEW, Robert John (I4165)
219 2nd name seems to vary from William to Henry, 1881 census age 3 with family in Upton cum Chalvey. 1891 census living with parents age 13 bn Chalvey

Christine Lavery has year of birth as 1878 
MEREDEW, Charles William (I495)
220 4 children living with family in 1881 census in Brightside Bierlow, 122 Grimesthorpe, Harry age 21 born SCT, Ellen 17 born SCT, Richard 15 born SCT & Thomas age 8 born Needles, HAM and father Richard age 74. MEREDEW, Maria Margaret (I931)
221 5 children to this couple. MERREDEW, Evelyn Sarah (I2823)
222 5 sons born Cosford and Sudbury RD 1934 to 1947 MERIDEW, Ivy (I399)
223 674/5 Letters Commissional re William Meredew
homas Lambert, Professor of Sacred Theology, Archdeacon of the Archdeaconry of Salisbury,
Sends greetings in the Lord, jointly and severally, to our beloved in Christ, Richard Bowman, John Martin and Thomas Tanner, Clerks,
By these presents we commit to you, jointly and severally, in whose fidelity we greatly confide, our standing and authority,
To administer the oath, according to the form here below written, to Anne Meredew, widow, relict and executrix of a certain William Mewedewe, late of Easterton, in the County of Wiltshire and within our archidiaconal jurisdiction of Salisbury, deceased,
And indeed to William Shergold and Owen Adly, witnesses etc,
Commanding that these oaths having been carried out, you duly transmit our Commission, subscribed with your own hands, or the hand of any of you, together with these presents.
Given at Salisbury under the seal of our office on the sixth day of the month of March in the year of our Lord 1674.

Henry Butler, Advocate

The form of the oath to the executrix

You shall swear that the paper annexed to these presents doth contain in it the true last will and testament of William Meredewe your late deceased husband, and that you will well and truly execute and perform the same will and testament nuncupative, by paying his debts and legacies so far forth as his goods, chattels and credits will thereto extend and the law charge you, and also do exhibit a true and perfect inventory of the said deceased's goods, and pass an account thereupon when you shall be thereunto required.

The form of the oath to the witnesses

You shall swear that the paper annexed to these presents doth contain in it the true last will and testament nuncupative [some words apparently omitted here] and that he was of perfect mind and memory when he made and declared the same.

The oaths above written was ministered to the said Anne Meredewe, William Shergold and Owen Adly on the tenth day of March in the year of our Lord 1674 by me, John Marten, Vicar of Bushop's Lavington.

1674 Nuncupative will of William Meredewe

16 Jan 1673 William Meredew of Easterton, WIL in parish of Market Lavington, WIL Yeoman. House and Garden at Easterton to Ann my wife for her life and after to my Grandchild Anne Fford. Son in law John Cooke owes me 12 
MERRIDEW, William (I2282)
224 881 Crouchfield (north side), Hemel Hempstead, aged 8 with Fanny Merrington, boarder and charwoman to David Monger, bn Crouchfield, Hemel Hempstead.
Is this Fanny's daughter? She was born when Fanny was 58. More likely to be a granddaughter could possibly be dau of Ann. 
MERRIDEN, Emma (I2369)
225 Source (S1115)
226 A beneficiary to his father's will in 1898.And poss. married in 1893 in Islington.
Went bankrupt in 18 Oct 1899 p12 col b in Times as Merredew & Wort of Stevenage, HRT builders & Contractors.
London Gazette 10 Jul 1914

George Edward Merredew, The Laurels, Lt Park Gds. Enfield, MDX Manager to a Company Court - Edmonton, 7 Jul 1914 
MERREDEW, George Edward (I3258)
227 A John Merryman was witness to Weddings at Datchet Bucks on 18 Nov 1750, 27
June 1755 & 14 jun 1756 
MEREDEW, John (I1210)
228 A widow at time of marriage. _______________-, Margaret (I1557)
229 A widower on marriage to Rebecca TURNER, John (I1875)
230 Abstract ID: SW/21_612

SW/21_612 Thomas Hurlock of Reigate, yeoman 2 Jul 1679 (to be buried in the churchyard) to my kinswoman Mary Lett of Camberwell 5; to my friend Charles Woodman of Betchworth, gentleman 20 for his great pains in managing my affairs; to my son in law Robert Marden 100; my wife Mary Hurlock, exec. Witnesses: Thomas Shove; Thomas Emery (X); William Whatly Proved: 11 Sep 1679 to exec. [DW/PA/7/15 Q.44; DW/PA/5/1679/25]  
MARDEN, Robert (I3489)
231 Abstract ID: SW/22_180

SW/22_180 Martha Juppe (X) of Reigate, widow 28 Apr 1681 to my sister Amy Lifford wife of Thomas Lifford of Reigate, glover 2; to my sister Elizabeth Farre wife of John Farre of London 2; to my sister Grace Gray wife of Thomas Gray of London 2; to my sister Joan Chapman wife of Richard Chapman of Nutfield, barber 2; to my sister Mary Savage wife of ... Savage of Bedford, Bedfordshire, cordwainer 2; to my cousin Mary Lifford wife of Thomas Lifford of Reigate, glover, jnr. 2; to my sister in law Rebecca Marden, widow 2, a featherbed, a bedstead, curtains and valence, three bolsters, two pillows, rug and two pairs of blankets; to my cousins Nicholas Marden and Susanna Marden 1 each; to my cousins Martha King, widow and Amy Lifford (my sister Lifford's daughter now married in London) all linen in my chest; to my son in law John Juppe 5 and to his wife Alice Juppe 5; to my grandson in law James Juppe son of John 20 and my little Bible and John to have interest until James is apprenticed; to my sisters Amy Lifford, Elizabeth Farre, Grace Gray. Joan Chapman and Mary Savage all my clothes and rest of linen between them; friend James Marten of Reigate, gentleman, exec. (my great Bible); residue to James Juppe Witnesses: Catherine Hedge (X); William Allingham; Elizabeth Allingham Proved: 16 Jan 1681/2 to exec. [DW/PA/5/1682/36]  
MARDEN, Martha (I3491)
232 Address before death 112 Rockwell Green, Wellington, Somerset but died in
56 Burford Rd., Witney, Oxford her daughter's address 
PIKE, Ellen Mildred (I606)
233 Address 1851 census 18 Charles St. Lambeth. age 26 known to have died in Australia. Age 34 at death parents Peter Gibson and Mary Gregory.
Poss. died in childbirth as there is a male child born 1859 in Melborne to Edward Merrydew and Martha Strickland.
Shown as age 30 on immigration records in 1856.
Australian Vital records show her death as 1859 and her birth place as Lam - poss just a shorting for Lambeth. 
GIBSON, Martha Ann (I2997)
234 Address 1905 60 Birch Road, Bedminster, Bristol. Address at marriage 23
Arundel Rd. Croydon. She was a Baptist,and all the children.Age 79 at death.
1881 census living with family in St. Pancras, MDX age 11. 
RAYMENT, Violet (I3114)
235 Address after mariage All Hallows, Bread St.
Father Jasper Edwards of Barford (dec'd at time of marriage) 
EDWARDS, Eleanor (I1538)
236 Address at death 106 Devonshire Rd. Hornchurch, Essex.Age 85 at death.No mention of husband's name in her will have assumed that John George H. is
correct. She is shown as his wife in John's Attestation Papers Beatrice Katherine nee Cushings dau of William Cushings. 
CUSHINGS, Beatrice Catherine (I511)
237 Address at death 110 Leucha Rd. Walthamstow.Have copy of admin. and mother
is named as sole beneficary. 
MEREDEW, Grace Dorothy (I509)
238 Address at death 53 Cochrane St.St.Johns Wood, prior 201 Stanhope St,Regents Park N15, died a widow, names her daughter Beatrice Emma Jones. BALDWIN, Harriet (I446)
239 Address at death 74 Cromwell Mews, South Kensington,Mdx. Have copy of admin. estate to wife Christine and daughter Victoria. 1881 census for Minchinhampton
Gloucester Moor Court with Clinton family age 25 unmarried and a coachman name spelt Meridue, shown born in Wiltshire. 
MERRYDEW, George (I351)
240 Address at death Henllyns, Borth, Cardiganshire. Will made 1971 proved 29th Dec. 1972. Ex. to will his daughter Primrose Ivy Watkin and son in law John Pugh Watkin. Estate is divided equally between his 3 daughters, Primrose Ivy Watkin, Hazel Constance Collins and Stella Susan Laverey.

Mentioned in supplement to The London Gazette 9 April 1918 p.4285 Roya Regiment of Artillery RH & RFA The undermentioned 2nd Lts to be Lts and to retain their acting rank where specfied:- 18 Dec 1917 O. W. Meredew with precedence next below H G Green. 
MEREDEW, Oliver William (I589)
241 Address at marriage 1 Dulwich Rise, Lordship Lane, East Dulwich. father Levi
Rymer omibus driver witness's Robert James Ottery & L. Rymer. died age 64. 
RYMER, Alice Jane (I3244)
242 Address at marriage 54 Pridham Rd. Thornton Heath,Sry age 20 bac.
Have copy of his will, leaves everything to his wife Lucy Teresa. Address
when he made the will in 2.1.1924 10 Pridham Road East, Thornton Heath, and
at death 23 Earlswood Ave. Thornton Heath age 62. Witness' s to marriage
Charles Joseph Goodall and A. Bargewell. Gassed at Ypres in 1st WW was a park
keeper at Pollards Hill Recreation Ground, Norbury SW16.
1881 census father shown as Thomas Merriden John is age 9 months bn Thornton 
MERREDEW, John Thomas (I3041)
243 Address at marriage Cambridge Walk? Croydon.Witness's Chas.H. Lawson and
J.--uitworth Fernee. Informant on both of his parents deaths in 1893 and 1895
living at 43 Lime Rd, Croydon. 
MERREDEW, Arthur Edward (I3168)
244 Address at marriage for both Ruben and Elizabeth was 41 Marlboro Rd. Mitcham.
He was in Corp. C. Queen's Royal, West Surrey.. Witness's for marriage Henry Smith (Elizabeth's father) and Helena Redington poss. a sister of Ruben.
Used the name Richard all his life. He had various jobs, house decorater 1912, Army Gymnastic trainer, then a postman. Born at Amily Grove, Wimbledon.
Injured at Mons c1915. Rehabilitated at Southwold, Suffolk Mum (Ruby) can remember going to visit him with her mother.

Have now (July 2003) found details of his campaign medals NA WO/372/16 on fiche[now online] :- Richard Redington 1/Queens Royal Corps. corporal /Acting Sergent Regimental no. L/8205 - The Victory Medal E/1/101/B25 p.4881- The British War Medal and 1914 Star E/1/4 p 98 remarks (IV 619/cdj 14-1-20 C & R Clasp 739 ) date of entry therein 12 Aug 1914. 
245 Address at marriage for both Thomas & Sarah South Islands Place,Kennington Address in 1851 census 22 Old Town,Croydon,age 48. & 1851 Croydon Dir.
1853 Croydon Directory shows Thomas a Labourer of 10 Coomb St. 
MERREDEW, Thomas (I3031)
246 Address in 1865 17 Waddon New Rd. Croydon. Occupation in 1865 Railway
ticket printer.Age 55 at death.Address at death 43 Limes Rd.Croydon.
1851 Census with family age 13 at 7 Conduit Mews, Marylebone (St.James)
On dau, Rose's marriage in 1895 not shown as deceased and occupation as
Superintendent Painting Dept of London Bridge which dosn't make any sense at
all! Died of acute intestinal obstruction 37 hours old standing adhesion. 
MERREDEW, James (I3109)
247 Address in 1881 Birmingham age 44.
Family search shows baptism at St John. 
MERRIDEW, William (I807)
248 Address in 1892 13 Church Rd, Charlton and she is the informant on Cecil's
birth certificate.On marriage in 1871 spinster of full age of Codicote, dau of
Wm. Francis Dixon a carpenter - Codicote is just south of Stevenage,HRT
Age 81 on death. 
DIXON, Mary Ann (I796)
249 Address in 1892 for the birth of Cecil 13 Church Lane, Charlton her mother is the informant on the birth certificate and of the same address.On her marriage
in 1893 address 10 Cromwell St, Clerkenwell. Wit's. Robert William Coan? and Rhoda Discow? 
MERREDEW, Louisa Lottie (I776)
250 Address in 1914 Myrtle Grove, Eleanor Rd, Old Colwyn,Denbighshire age 38 at Death died at 30 Park Rd.East, Wolverhampton will to husband and to Florence Amy Stevens wife of Rance Harold Stevens her sister.Her father's name was Harry JONES, Ethel Mary (I350)

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