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151 1861 Census - Ley Hill Chesham - Hester Merridrew - daughter - 6 months -
1871 " - Latimer - Hester Meredine - daughter - 10yrs - platter - bn at
Chesham, Bucks
Known as ESTHER but put down on cesus as Hester 
MERRIDEN, Esther (I1031)
152 1861 Census - Leyhill Chesham - Ann Merridew - daughter - 8yrs - Scholar
1871 " - Latimer - Ann Meredine - d- 18yrs - Platter - Bn Chesham, BKM 
MERRIDEN, Ann (I1028)
153 1861 census for Titchfield shown as 'inf'3 days old.Birth needs checking.
Address at death Spa House, 35 Broad Lane, Hampton will made 21.9.1947 granted Nov. 1948 bequeaths cash to his sons in law Joseph Petty and Harry Jarman his grandson Harry Meridew Douglas Brooks,niece Evaline Meridew. To his dau. Mabel Spa House and furniture.Grand daughters Doris and Gwindolin Jarman furniture.1881 census - Titchfield gardender age 20 to Anne Light.
1891 allowed to vote The Bothey, Hanger Hill House, Ealing, MDX as Emmanuel Edward Merridew 
MERIDEW, Immanuel (I504)
154 1861 census Seale age 24, 1871 Seale age 45 married with 4 children . 1881 Seale age 43. MERRIDEW, James (I28)
155 1861 census shown as George.
Address on marriage Windmill Road,Croydon. Witness's George Ryde and Eliza J. Thoburn. Not found on 1881 census index for SRY or MDX nor a death found.

Now found this and appears they went to New Zealand shortly after they married.
Bebington Ship: 924 Tons Captain: Knight Surgeon Superintendent: Dr J Dale Sailed London 28th July 1874 - arrived Hawkes Bay 20th November 1874
A ship of 924 tons, Bebington was built in 1859. She had, amongst her many passengers, the unenviable nickname of "The Old Tub" and was one of the slowest boats on the New Zealand immigrant run. Even under very favourable conditions, she still took longer than most to make the voyage out. In addition she was dogged by ill-fortune. Collisions with other ships, storms, outbreaks of typhoid and short supplies all at one time or another plagued "The Old Tub". Bebington made eight voyages to New Zealand of which three were to Lyttleton, two to Wellington and one each to Dunedin, Auckland and Napier. On her arrival in Auckland on July 15th 1876, Bebington was met by the Health Officer at Rangitoto Reef. There being typhoid and 67 cases of measles on board he sent her into quarantine on Motuihe Island where she remained for 5 weeks.
Source: White Wings - Sir Henry Brett
Merreden Frederick 21 Surrey Carpenter
Merreden Harriet 21 
MERREDEW, Frederick (I3318)
156 1861 Leyhill, Chesham age 3 son , 1871 Latimer Joseph Meredine son 13 platter
bn Chesham, 1881 Amersham Merridan H 23 servant bn Chesham 
MERRIDEN, Joseph (I1030)
157 1871 Bethnal Green census age 5.
1881 census Lanc. Hulme with parents age 15

Srg. 46377 61st Coy, Royal Defence Corps, age 53 husband of Helena Jane
Meredew of 26 Fielding St, Kensington, Liverpool. 
MEREDEW, William (I198)
158 1871 Census - Latimer - Alice Meredine - dau 5yrs - Platter - Bn Chesham
1881 Chesham Meridan dau 15 dom servant bn Chesham
Witness at her wedding Esther Merriden (sister) 
MERRIDEN, Alice (I1033)
159 1871 Census - Latimer - Charles Meredine - Son - 8yrs - platter - Bn Chesham,
1881 Chesham, Meridan S U 18 ag lab bn Chesham 
MERRIDEN, Charles (I1032)
160 1871 Census - Latimer - Robert Meredine - Son - 9 - Scholar - Bn Chesham, BKM
1881 Chesham - Meridan son U 19 woodware -- bn Chesham 
MERRIDEN, Robert (I1080)
161 1871 Census - Latimer - Walter Meredine - Son - 6 - Scholar - Bn Chesham, BKM
1881 Chesham Meridan son U 16 woodenware ---- bn Chesham,
1891 census Chesham living with wid Mother he is 26 a woodturner 
MERRIDEN, Walter (I1081)
162 1871 Census - Wood Corner Cottage Grt Missenden - Esther Merradin - daughter -
10yrs - Scholar - Born Chesham, Bucks.
1881 census with widowed father age 20 in Gt.Missenden.
1891 census at Littleworth Barracks age 30 with Alfred & children

I have marriage as 1 Dec 1881 at St Laurence, Winslow Alfred Clifford bc. otp and Esther Merridon, sp of Gt Missenden. 
MERRIDEN, Esther (I1110)
163 1871 Census - Wood Corner Cottage Grt Missenden - Mary Ann Merradin - Daughter
- 15yrs - Platter - Born Chesham, Bucks.
Poss. 1881 census in Hampshire age 25 with Henry Andrew as head, a
parlourmaid born in BKM. RG11/1241 f30
Registered as Merridan
Witness to sister Margaret's marriage in 1887 
MERRADIN, Mary Ann (I1109)
164 1871 census - Wood Corner Cottage, Grt Missenden - Rebekaah Merradin - wife -
55yrs - Platter - Born at Aston Clinton
James a widower when she married him. His 2nd marriage. 
BARNES, Rebecca (I1107)
165 1871 census age 52 DWIGHT, Charlotte (I1105)
166 1871 census age 54 with wife and daughter Phillis. On marriage at same address 8 Portugal St. Westminster of full age, wits. Robert and Ellen Howson and is a servant.

Morning Post 26 Apr 1845 - Wanted section - A Middle aged man and his wife, without incumbents, want situation, the woman as good plain cood, understands the dairy: the man to make himself generally usefull. By letter, post paid, EAS Mr Charles Meredew, Butterman and Cheesemoner, 8 King St, Richmond, SRY
The Times 29 Sep 1846 in the wanted section 'Wanted, two housemaids, in a gentleman's family, at Richmond, Surrey, None need apply who have lived less than 12 months in the their last place, or are under 30. Wages 10 a year. No man- servant kept. Apply at Mr Merridew's, Butterman, King St, Richmond.' 
MEREDEW, Charles (I756)
167 1871 census Ham, SRY Richmond Road 0862 f82 Ann Meridew head wid. age 85 born
Ham with a lodger John Willmoth a letter carrier bn Cholsey, BRK
1851 age 63 
MILTON, Ann (I761)
168 1871 census in Seale with family name shown as Priscilla age 29 bn Eversley, HAM STILWELL, Priscilla (I36)
169 1871 census living at 22 North St. Lambeth age 67 a wid born Lambeth and a
general dealer - living with her are 5 grandchildren Charlotte Ann Baylis
unm age 23, Peter Edward Baylis age 14 a scholar, Samuel Baylis age 11 sch.
Kate Eliza Gibson age 11 sch , & Edward Merredew age 20 unemployed hammerman
all born Lambeth. Her surname is shown as Gipson. 
__________, Mary Ann (I2998)
170 1871 census living with parents in 66 Fort Rd., Bermondsey. On death shown as a widow but have found no marriage for her. MEREDEW, Phillis Elizabeth (I759)
171 1871 census RG10/858 f013 Sutton Cottages, London Road, Norbiton. As George Meredew age 25 head married a master carpenter born Croydon, with wife Lucy age 23 born Somerset, Bridgewater and one son George age 1 born Kingston, SRY

Date of death from will indexes, beneficiaries Lucy his widow and George
Edward (his son?) a contractor.Witness's to marriage Edward McCarthy and
Mary Ann Merredew (either his mother or his sister)On birth cert. time given
1/4 past 11am so poss. a twin. This family not found on 1881 census index
next to check as enmerated for Surrey.
1871 census London Rd, Norbiton, SRY 
MERREDEW, George McCarty (I3254)
172 1881 census age 1. MEREDEW, Arthur Edward (I78)
173 1881 census age 10 living with parents in Shoreditch. MEREDEW, George William (I73)
174 1881 census age 15 living with parents in Shoreditch. MEREDEW, Margaret (I71)
175 1881 census age 20 Marylebone RG11/147 f005 as Mary Merrydew a housemaid born SRY Hale. Direct ancestor of Helen Montgomery MERRIDEW, Mary Ann (I38)
176 1881 census age 24 unmarried, born Winterbourne Stoke, WIL a cook Relative of Pat Wilmot.
On marriage age 25 a sp of 2 Pilgrims Lane, Islington father George an Iron Turner, wits. Charles E Bannister and Charles Meridew. Her name shown as Anna Meridew. No issue. 
MERIDEW, Anna (I2096)
177 1881 census age 3 a scholar. MEREDEW, Walter Henry (I74)
178 1881 census age 4 with family. MERIDEN, Alfred (I1849)
179 1881 census age 46 married with family at Netheravon. 2 children born before marriage. Then 5 children. MERRIDEW, Diana (I27)
180 1881 census age 55 at White Hall Yard, Exning, Suffolk with wife Eliza. MEREDEW, James Lewis (I667)
181 1881 census age 6m with family at Chesham MERIDEN, Frank (I1851)
182 1881 census age 71 a coachman at 45 Mill Lane, Eton. Died aged 79 at 18 Alma Terrace, Arthur Road, Clewer - died of Jaundice and pneumonia informant of death his son William.
Not certain if he belongs to these parents but in 1851 his mother Mary age 70 is living with them. Not found in 1861 census. 
MERIDEW, Charles (I488)
183 1881 census age 9 scholar bn Chesham MERRIDEN, Annie (I1038)
184 1881 census as Stephen Cottrall age 23 unmarried living with his mother & father? Birth not found registered as Merridew could have been as Cottrall.

WO97/3460/37 Attestation Papers 28 Feb 1882 Stephen Merridew, born c1863 at Emsbury, Salisbury, WIL [born c1857 in Enford] attestation no. 255, Hampshire Regiment Served in Ireland and India - discharged 1887. (next of kin shown as Stephen [John] Cottrell - Wales crossed out and mother Caroline, Milton Hill, Wilton.) 
MERRIDEW, Stephen (I2415)
185 1881 census at 1 Gwynne Terrace, Exning, Suffolk with wife and 1st son. MERREDEW, Alfred William (I512)
186 1881 census at 2 Slade Terrace, Cranmore Rd, Wolverhampton, STS age 33
married with 2 children. 1891 in St James, Devizes age 43 with wife and 3
children. Died age 69

Born as Morris but after his mother's death bf 1858 seems to change his name to Merridew. Plus I think I have found him in 1861 census as Abraham! every thing else is correct. 
MERRIDEW, Henry Morris (I304)
187 1881 census at 5 Drayton Terrace, Farlington, HAM age 32
1851 census age 1 Gillingham, Dorset. 
MERRYDEW, John (I852)
188 1881 census Fenny Stratford dau age 7 scholar bn North Crawley, BKM
1891 census at Castle Thorpe age 17 a cook bn North Crawley working for Catherine Vardy 
MERRIDEN, Edith (I1039)
189 1881 census living in Lewisham age 22 servant to C. Cusel born WIL MERIDEW, Amelia Jane (I990)
190 1881 census living in Mortlake with parents age 16 and a plumber's mate. Not found in 1911 census now found him as Edwin Merrydew age 45 ships plumber in Bitterne, HAM MERRIDEW, Edward George (I982)
191 1881 census living in Newington with 2nd wife and son George William. MERREDEW, William Henry (I969)
192 1881 census living with husband in Lambeth age 60. HURFORD, Mary Ann (I3196)
193 1881 census living with what must be his maternal Grandparents Edward and Charlotte Hubbard, Edward is a bootmaker age 54 bn Lincolnshire Albert is age 9 a scholar born Derby., they are living at 57 Hamilton St, Manchester. Just possible he belongs to 632MER006 son of Alfred and Eliza Meridew, Eliza was born in Isleham, CAM & the family seem to have moved a lot 2 children born Australia. MERRIDEW, Albert (I2007)
194 1881 Census Seale age 8 and a scholar.1891 Seale age 18 stable groom. Address at marriage in 1897 Langworth near Lincoln. Keen cricketer poss. played for for Tongham. MERRIDEW, George (I41)
195 1881 census Seale, SRY age 40 with James and 2 children.
Daughter of John Mansey who is the brother of Graham Mansey's gt gt gt grandfather William. 
MANSEY, Charlotte Hammond (I503)
196 1881 census unmarried age 25 a boarder in Battersea with Robert Marshall and
a woodcarver. Baptised as Mereden.

[Founder of Meredew furniture company. don't know where I got this information from but now [EH Sep 2015] think it is incorrect and have just found a online a booklet called 'Meredew of Letchworth: A Brief History by Rosamond Allwood - Furniture History Vol 33 (1997) pp 305 - 310 pub, by The Furniture History Society URL and from this it should be Daniel Meredew 201MER004 ID 1197]
MEREDEW, George William (I450)
197 1881 census with family in Hulme, LAN age 5 MEREDEW, Ada (I1886)
198 1881 census with family in Upton cum Chalvey age 5. 1891 age 16 a housemaid with the Godsal family of Windsor Road, Upton cum Chalvey MEREDEW, Annie Phobe (I494)
199 1881 census with grandparents Meridan Gson age 11 scholar bn Chesham, BKM
1891 census with wid grandmother he is age 21 unm 
MERRIDEN, Alfred (I1035)
200 1881 census with husband and child age 25 at Exning, Suffolk.Presume that she
died in childbirth. 
BARRET, Sophia Jerl (I513)

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