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101 1841 Census - Asheridge chesham - Sarah Meridan - 45yrs female - Born in Bucks. 1851 " - Charteridge Chesham - Lodger - Widow - 64yrs - Parish poor - Born Gt Missenden Bucks.
In 'The people of Chesham 1798 - 1914 (an incomplete biographical register) in Aylesbury library is the following entry:- Merrydown Sarah bn Gt. Missenden in c 1786, widow & parish poor living as a lodger with Matthew Gibbs & family in Chartridge in 1851. 
CHANCE, Sarah (I1082)
102 1841 Census - Dysons Yard, Town - Watford - Sarah Marriden - 40yrs Female - Not
born in Herts. 
_____, Sarah (I1371)
103 1841 Census - Ley Hill Chesham - 40yrs female - Not born in Bucks
1851 " - Botley Chesham - Wife -Marr - 53yrs - Born in Chesham Bucks
1861 " - ? Chesham - Head(Widow)- 62yrs - " " "
1871 " - Latimer Chesham - Widow- 73yrs - Born in Sarratt Herts. 
AUSTIN, Ann (I1046)
104 1841 Census - Ley Hill Chesham - Rebecca Merriden - 15yrs female - Born in
Bucks. Witness at marriage of Moses Merriden 
MERRIDEN, Rebecca (I1049)
105 1841 Census - Sendrick Farm, Kings Langley, Herts. - Moses Merriton - 15yrs -
Male - Born in Herts 
MERRITON, Moses (I1075)
106 1841 Census - Tylers Hil Chesham - Sophia Merridan - 15yrs - female - Juscan
Platt - Born in Bucks. Perhaps Mary Anne and Sophia are twins. 
MERRIDEN, Sophia (I1089)
107 1841 Census - Tylers Hill Chesham - Mary Merridan - 15yrs - female - Juscan
Platt - Born in Bucks. Perhaps Mary Anne and Sophia are twins. 
MERRIDAN, Mary Anne (I1088)
108 1841 census age 12 living at home with parents at Winterbourne Stoke, also
1851 census age 21, at home.Age on marriage cert. 28. Father deceased.
Witness's Stephen Kellow and Ruth Grant (her sister). Poss that the father of
her illigimate child was a Mr Tuffin. 
MERRIDEW, Mary Anne (I559)
109 1841 census age 45 ag lab born HRt James Marriden with wife and 3 children MARRIDENS, James (I1370)
110 1841 census at Silton with George Hann household, she is 20 and a servant MERRYDEW, Sarah (I939)
111 1841 census Chesham Vale Levy Merridan age 20 ag lab born BKM. 1851 Ashley
Green, Chesham Levi Merrydon H M 36 Farm lab bn Chesham. 1861 Ashley Green
Levi Merriden H 46 ag lab bn Chesham, 1871 Hospital, Botley Village, Chesham
a patient age 57 ag lab bn Gt Missenden. 
MEREDON, Levi (I1103)
112 1841 census for Winterborne Stoke age 20 living with parents.
1851 census for Winterbourne Stoke age 30 and Ag.Lab.
1861 census Titchfield, HAM age 39 with wife and 6 children.
1881 census Titchfield age 58 a wid with 2 children Kate age 12 and Walter
age 17.
Died age 75. 
MERRIDEW, Thomas (I558)
113 1841 census Ley Hill, Chesham age 3 born BKM. 1851 Botley, Chesham Meriden
son unm age 12 plait maker bn Chesham. 1861 Chesham Merriden son age 22. 
MERRIDEN, George (I1051)
114 1841 census Ley Hill, Chesham name not known infant of 1 day bn Bucks. 1851
Botley, Chesham Anne Meriden dau Unm age 9 plait maker bn Chesham. 1861 Ann
Merridan dau 19 straw platter bn Chesham. 
MERRIDEN, Ann (I1052)
115 1841 census living in Botley, BKM age 30 Sarah Meydon or Meridon HO 107/47 MERETON, Sarah (I1134)
116 1841 census Sarah Meredithe age 25 born BKM NASH, Sarah (I1106)
117 1841 census West Stour with wife Sarah Robert age 35 next door is John Merridew age 75 thought to be his father. 1851 census still at West Stour age 48 MERRYDEW, Robert (I937)
118 1841 census with family age 6 born HRT MARRIDEN, Richard (I1373)
119 1841 census with parents age 3 born HRT MARRIDEN, John (I1374)
120 1841 census with parents age 9 born HRT MARRIDEN, William (I1372)
121 1841 census Woods Hills, Hemel Hempstead Shadrack Merrington 15 ag lab
bn Herts 
MERRIDEN, Shadrack (I1097)
122 1841 cenus for Winterbourne Stoke age 45.Not on 1851 census wife shown as a widow.
On marriage shown of Figheldean.
Removal order dated 1816 ref. 11 5 772RO from Enford to Winterbourne Stoke.
Cousin to Sarah. 
MERRIDEW, William (I556)
123 1841 High Street Green, Hemel Hempstead age 5 same address 1851 14 ag lab
born Hemel Hempstead. 
MERRYDON, David (I1101)
124 1841 Jani Merridon 45 bn Herts. 1851 10 High St, Green, Hobletts, Hemel
Hempstead. Jane Merrydon W M 55 washer woman born St Albans, Herts 
LOVELL, Jane (I1083)
125 1843 born to Henry Fountain, shoemaker and Fanny Merridon.
1851 Bridge Row, Bovingdon, Keziah Freeman, aged 7, straw plait manufacturer, niece of George Freeman, with Fanny Freeman 37,
bn Bovingdon.
1861 Cottage, Hemel Hempstead, Kezia Merrington, lodger, unmarried, aged 18, bonnet sewer with Henry Hollick and family (Maria's husband), bn Bovingdon.
Leverstock Green, Hemel Hempstead, ?Henry Fountain, labourer, aged 45, married to Charlotte aged 38 + son William aged 19.
1881 Bennetts End, Hemel Hempstead, ?Henry Fountain, farm labourer aged 67 and wife Charlotte aged 56 
MERRIDEN, Keziah (I2367)
126 1851 & 1861 Croydon census Cross Road. Poss. married Dec 1868 Croydon 2a 373 MERREDEW, Eliza (I2873)
127 1851 Census - 10 High St Green, Hobletts,Hemel Hempstead - Michael Merrydon -
Son - U - 27yrs - Ag lab - Born Hemel Hempstead 
MERRYDON, Michael (I1098)
128 1851 census - Latimer - Sarah Merraden - M - 19 - Bn Chesham ,BKM
1861 - Hockley Farm - Sarah Meridew - Wife - 29 - Straw Platter
1871 - Latimer - Sarah Meredine - Wife - 39yrs - W - Bn Chesham, BKM
1881 - Chesham - Sarah Meridan - H - wid - 49 - Straw plaiter, bn Chesham,BKM.
1891 census age 59 H W 59 bn Chesham. Died age 77 in 1909 
PLESTED, Sarah (I1073)
129 1851 census age 36 married Groom born Windsor. MERREDEW, William (I2088)
130 1851 census age 38 perhaps had a first marriage to a Mr Bird. FOSTER, Elizabeth (I332)
131 1851 census age 6 scholar at 35 Market St. Paddington with parents. MEREDEW, Charles Hasting (I758)
132 1851 census at Shrewton age 56 widow bn Winterbourne Stoke a pauper with son
James unmarried age 25 bn Maddington 
ADLAM, Ann (I915)
133 1851 census Back Lane, Twickenham age 39 with wife Nancy shown born in MDX
Name spelt as Mereden. 
MEREDEW, Thomas Daniel (I791)
134 1851 census Bridge Rown Bovington Thomas Freeman age 4m with uncle George, brother of Fanny, therefore Fanny's son? bn Bovington. 1881 also shown as Freeman but birth registered as Merredon with no father recorded. MERREDON, Thomas (I2368)
135 1851 census Dorking at High St as a housemaid. Married 1856/3 Greenwich from freeBMD found her spouse but can't not find them on 1861 he is remarried in 1869 but can't find her death. MEREDEW, Rosina (I228)
136 1851 census for Winterbourne Stoke age 2. 1861 census Titchfield age 12 name shown as Edwin.
Birth registration not found. Baptised as Edwin .
Think that this is him in the Navy as Edward. Birth date slightly wrong.
TNA - ADM 188/106 image ref. 475 - 95985 Edward Meridew, born 3 Aug 1849, London, Middlesex, height: 5'5", hair: light brown, eyes: hazel, complexion: dark
Ships served in: Nornon, D2C 18 June 1876 to 11 June 1877 
MERRIDEW, Edwin (I575)
137 1851 census in Devises goal age 21 died aged 19? at Dartmoor Prison.

Berkshire RO Notebook containing details of cases heard at Winchester Assizes, 6 March 1852, at Salisbury Assizes, 10-11 March 1852, at Dorchester Assizes, 15-16 March 1852, and at Exeter Assizes, 18-23 March 1852 [Western Circuit] D/EX 1410/1/1/9 1852 Contents: Details of cases follow with scope containing the following information: court; details of crime; verdict
James Meridew [no ref.] 9 March 1852 Salisbury; stealing from Maria Baily; - 
MERRIDEW, James (I916)
138 1851 census index with his father age 25 and a builder's assistant. BANCE, Henry (I2882)
139 1851 census living at Chapel Cottages, Dorking age 42 shoemaker. 1881 census in Yorkshire with dau. Maria and her family - age 74 MEREDEW, Richard (I226)
140 1851 census living in Broad Chalk on his own age 75
On marriage shown of the parish of Broad Chalk 
MERRIDEW, Job (I518)
141 1851 census shown as Elizabeth 1871 shown as Emma birth registered as Elizabeth Emma.
Direct ancestor of Margaret Hudson (May 2009) 
MERRIDEW, Emma Elizabeth (I942)
142 1851 census shows her born in New York but 1871 in Coventry shows Warwick &
a vistor with her mother in law at 4 Quadrant, Coventry. 
HITCHMAN, Eliza (I440)
143 1851 census Shrewton living with widowed mother he is 25 unmarried bn Maddington, 1881 census wid with 3 children living at Rollerstone age 55 ag lab bn Shrewton. 1891 age 65 RG12/1614 f046 p01 living in Rollerstone with his daughter Annie (this is from 1891 Wiltshire Index). 1901 living in Shrewton with his married daughter Annie Munday and family. MERIDEW, James (I1928)
144 1851 census White End Park, David Meridan son 6m bn Chesham. 1861 Botley Rd,
Chesham David Meridine servant 16 Plough boy. 1871 Latimer David Meredine son
20 lab bn Chesham. 1881 Fenny Stratford Merriden H M 29 domestic servant bn
Chesham. Registered as Merridan.

16 Sep 1879 Leighton Buzzard Observer and Linslade Gazette - Petty Sessions 10 Sep 'George Collins was charged with settin fire to a rick of hay, the property of John F Bailey of Newport Pagnell. Mr Allen for the prosecution. Police Constable Merriden deposed that at twelve o'clock at night on the 3rd Sep he passed a rick of hay belonging to Mr Bailey. He was coming from Bradwell towards N P. In about an hour after, as he was returning, he saw that the rick was on fire. He also say the prisoner get over a gate leading from the field with the rick. He was trying to fet through the hedge. Witness got out of the cart and took hold of him. He said he had been to lie down under a tree by the side of the rick, and did not set it on fire. Witness sent him to NP and aferwards examined the rick, which had been sit on fire in four places. He saw where sone one had been lying down under a tree at one end of the rick. At that spont he found three matches, two of whicj had been lighted. Mr Bailey said he estimated the damage done to the rick at 10. It was not insured. Herbert Puddephatt said prisoner admitted to him that he lighted a match but denied setting fire to the rick. Inspector Hall said the prisoner had two matches, a pipe and tobaccon on him. He was committed for trial. 
MERRIDEN, David (I1027)
145 1851 census with family in Salisbury.
Salisbury & Winchester Journal Sat 12 Jun 1852
'For sale by Private contract, in one lot - All those eight Substantial Freehold Cottages and Wash house, with a large Court Yard thereunto belonging, situated in Exeter St, Salisbury, and in the Respective occupations of Widow Merridew, Widow Roberts and others, as tenants thereof, the whole of which cottages have very recently been put into a good state of repair.
Also, all that fruitful and productive Garden, extending from the bottom of the above mentioned Court Yard into Bugmore, together with the two Stables, standing in the said Garden, and now in the occupation of Widow Merridew, as tenant thereof.
For particulars apply to Mr G D Forder, House Agent, Endless St, Salisbury. 
WHITLOCK, Maria (I676)
146 1851 census with first wife Martha in Gillingham, Dorset age 23 then in 1881in Titchfield, HAM with 2nd wife & children from her 1st marriage. MERRYDEW, Charles (I577)
147 1851 Dorking census at home - Chapel Cottages age 13. age at death 70
1881 census in Union Workhouse Dorking age 44 unmarried 
MEREDEW, John James (I229)
148 1851 Dorking Census at home Back Lane age 1. MEREDEW, Eliza (I232)
149 1853 Croydon Directory shows John a gardener at Parson's Mead. His wife Maria is shown as Mrs. Merredew of 'Mead School' for girls.Same 1851 Dir.
1881 census for Dorking age 74 a gardener for Frances A Squires - she and her sister ran the Mead School in Croydon. So that is why he moved to Dorking!

In will leaves items to sister Emma Merredew & appointed nephew James Merredew of 17 Wadden New Rd. Croydon printer executor. Address at death 201
(287) Orchard Rd. Dorking. In 1861 shown living at Parsons Mead with His wife Maria where I think Parson's Mead School must have been.Also 1851 census.
On marriage shown of full age at Temple Lane, London. Witness's Henry Smith and Sarah Good. 
MERREDEW, John (I3183)
150 1861 Census - Hockley Farm Chesham - son - Henry Meridew - 9yrs - Farm boy -
1871 Census - Latimer - Henry Meredine - son - 19yrs - Shoemaker - Born at
Chesham, Bucks. 
MERRIDEN, Henry (I1076)

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