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1 Poss. that she is born in Lincoln probably both in service. DAW, Mary Ann (I43)
2 (1997) living in New Zealand. BLEAZARD, May Rosina (I135)
3 - no mother's name shown in bastardy records dated 10 Apr 1792 MERRYDEW, Elizabeth (I924)
4 1851 census for Winterbourne Stoke, Wil age 2. 1861 census for Titchfield, HAM age 12.
1881 census LAN, Spotland New Barn Facit age 32 shown born Paddington, MDX with wife and 4 children 1st two shown born in Australia . RG11 4123 f.79
1891 census in Burnley as a servant gardener - not with family. 
MERRIDEW, Alfred (I576)
5 1871 Bethnal Green Census 8 Durant St. age 10 a scholar. Poss. married 1882/3 Shoreditch 1c 224.Will 1928 to his wife Sarah Harriet Merridew & son Daniel John Meredew. Poss. that birth not registered have checked 1861 & 1860 still 1862 to check.Will made 1920 address 54 Lakeside Rd. Palmers Gn.
Now found on 1881 census Shoreditch as a lodger age 20 a gilder born Lancs..

1866 & 1867 in Gt Ormond St Hospital for Children age 6 & 7 with disease of ankle/foot 
MEREDEW, Daniel (I197)
6 Address at death 5 Fassett Rd. Kingston,Sry. Date of death from will indexes. Parents James and Susanna Oliver father a builder.Age on marriage 21
In her will names Frederick Merredew builder and Frank Merredew cabinet maker two of her sons.She excludes her son George (387)and any of his children. 
OLIVER, Lucy (I3255)
7 Age 59 at death, died at 32 Water Lane, Brixton,Surrey.
1881 census married age 25 born Lambeth living with her parents at 48
Barnwell Rd. Lambeth.
Address on marriage 4 Park Terrace, New Park Rd, Brixton Hill 
OTTERY, Thirza Ann (I3195)
8 Ancestor of Ian Llewellyn, Ken Wilford & Peter Greening. MERRIDEW, Grace (I30)
According to his marriage certificate and his daughter's marriage
certificate Edmund Bance was a baker. 1851 census index Croydon just him and Elizabeth in Croydon age 56 and 58. 
BANCE, Edmund (I2887)
Henry Bance is listed as a builder empoying 37 men and 1 assistant in the 1851 Croydon Surrey census. His son Henry Bance is the assistant. HO107/1601 f77a. He is age 60 and his son 25 
BANCE, Henry (I2880)
11 Can't find this family in any census after1851 onwards nor any deaths - now found Mar 2011 that he went to Virginia, USA MERRYDEW, George (I940)
12 cert. Source (S3075)
13 Date of death from a will which I assume is his, leaving everything to his widow Gertrude Jane.Address at death 59 Selwood Rd. Addiscombe,Sry. mothers will in 1920 when his address is Railway Hotel,Crawley. 
MERREDEW, Frederick (I3265)
14 Died in 2nd world war.Fusilier 14293401 in Royal Fusiliers. Executor John
Sweetman, 4, Junction Road, South Croydon.Address at death 40 Winchmore Hill
Road, London, N14.Which is the same address his father died at.

Army Roll of Honour 1939-1945 - John J Meredew, Infantry, The Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regt.) Born London W lived London N - Fusilier, no 14293401 died 23 Jan 1944, Italy. 
MEREDEW, John Thomas (I516)
15 Father Charles Henry Lawson - surveyor. Address at marriage 8 Gresham Road,
LAWSON, Agnes Emily (I3169)
16 From London Marriage Licence Allegations Vol 1

Original from Ancestry London & Surrey Marriage Bonds and Allegations 1597 - 1921 transcribe as John Meredew [Mereden] 22 - 23 Apr 1628 of Sete Street, Herefordshire [I can't read this as such ] and Jane Cobson [Dobson] 21 of St Sill Middlesex [nor can I read this] 
MERIDEN, John (I1449)
17 have added him as child of this couple have no proof other than I know his father is William & Exning is close to Newmarket.
uffolk R.O.
Personal name index.
ref. 530/34 General quit-claim and release by Edwd. Costier, tailor, of Bury St. Edmunds, & wife Eliz. of all claims against Wm. Merridew, junr. yeoman of Exning. 8 Nov 1734. 
MERRYDEW, William (I2262)
18 Have only just noticed that his first wife didn't die until 1930 but children are born to 2nd wife Ellen Harper in 1916 or 17 and their marriage isn't recorded until 1941.
Poss two more children to this couple Florence Hilda born 1902/4 West Ham 4a 514 died 1902/4 West Ham 0 4a 233 and Nellie Florence Merredew 1904/1 4a 515 
MERREDEW, Edward Cole (I165)
19 Him and his daughter Joan mentioned in this will :-

SW/17_431 - Henry Yonge (X) of Capel, yeoman, snr. 15 Mar 1590/1 (to be buried in the churchyard; to poor 3s 4d) to my godchildren that are my grandchildren 2s each and to my other godchildren 1s each; to my son Henry 52 he owes me; to my wife Joan Yonge 30; to my son's son Henry 5 at 18; to Joan Marden daughter of John Marden 6 13s at marriage; to Margaret Palmer daughter of John Palmer 4; to my daughter Joan Thornden wife of Thomas Thornden 5; to Agnes Mose wife of William Mose 3; to John Marden 2; to my servants Thomas Weller, Joan Burnet, Thomasine Oliver and William Oliver 3s 4d each; to Stephen Stere a jerkin and a coat; to Richard Wood a pair of hose and a jerkin; to Thomas Perier a pair of hose and doublet; residue to my wife Joan Yonge and son Henry, execs. Overseers: son William Yonge; cousin Robert Stone (6s 8d each) Witnesses: William Yonge; Robert Stone; John Palmer; William Bowell, scr. Proved: 1 Jun 1591 to Roger Cole, notary public for execs. [DW/PA/5/1591/57]  
MARDEN, John (I3445)
20 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I1182)
21 Married 1853/4 Lambeth 1d 376 - to Walter William Webster 17.7.1853 in St. Mathew, Brixton, veterinian.
Direct ancestor of Ann Duncan July 2005. 
MERREDEW, Frances (I368)
22 Married 3 times. Lived in Eastbourne Address 1945 204 Clive Rd. S.E.21. MERREDEW, Cecil Edward (I12)
23 Married in Wandsworth 1928 to Arthur J Willcocks (builder) MERREDEW, Catherine Eleanor (I9)
24 Named in brother John's will in 1887. Left will to Maria wife of James nephew of Emma. Lived with her sister Frances in 1851,1861 & 1871
census's at Broads Green, Croydon. At death lived at 30 Hampstead Rd.Dorking. 
MERREDEW, Emma (I3191)
25 Named in her mother's will in 1895, shown as a spinster at that date.She
was a witness on her brother James William (64)marriage in 1893.Address on
marriage Old College, Gallery Rd, Dulwich. Witness's I.Palmer, Wm Hayward
(father-in-law) and Arthur Merredew her brother - 196. 
MERREDEW, Annie Maria (I3166)
26 Never married, always lived in the Kingston area. Beneficiary to brother Sidney's will. Address in 1950 28 Woodbines Ave.Address at death 26 Langley Ave,Surbiton age 89. Will dated 1949. Names her brother Ernest William 414,her niece Mary Foster,her nephew's Jack Paddon Merredew 405,George E.Merredew 416 Peter Victor Merredew 418, sister Winifred 413 and niece Joan Finny 408. MERREDEW, Ellen (I3272)
27 Not sure if this will belongs to this Nicholas Meridew but dates fit and at this time I don't have another candidate [Dec 2015]

Will of Nicholas Meridew

Will dated: 29-January-1600/01
Will proved: undated

Archive: Lichfield Archives

Image Ref: Nicholas Meridew 1610 [01, 02, 03]

1. The xxixth [29th] of January anno Domini 1600

2. In the name of god amen, I Nicholas Meridew of Foleshull [Foleshill] plowright dooe

3. ordaine and make this my last will and testament in man[n]er and forme Followinge

4. viz[it] [that is to say] First I give and bequeath my soule unto allmighty god my maker and redemer
5. And my body to be buried in the Churchyard of Foleshull afforsayd: It[e]m I give

6. unt[o] Allse Meridew my wyfe the lease of my howse in Foleshull w[i]th th’appur=

7. tenan[n]ces thereto belongeing dureing her naturall lyfe, keepeing her selfe

8.sole and unmaryed: Thens my will ys thatt after the decease of Allse my

9. wyfe, then my will ys that William my sonne shall have the sayd lease to

10. him to him, and to his heires male of his body lawfully to be begottenn yelding

11.and payeing unto Richard Merydew my eldest sonne the som[m]e of Forty

12.shillings, w[i]thin one yeare and a halfe ^ next after my decease and also another

13. fourty shilling[es] to Elizabeth Meridew my daughter w[i]thin one whole yeare next

14.after Followinge after thatt: and also another forty shilling[es] unto Thomas

15.Merydew my youngest sonne within one whole yeare next after [th]att: provided

16. alwayes and my will is that yf William my sonne doe happen to dy[e] before this

17. som[m]e of vjli [£6] or any p[ar]te thereof be behind and unpayde, It[e]m I give and

18. bequeath unto That Thomas my sonne shall paye so much as shall remayne

19 and be unpayde It[e]m I give and bequeath unto Allse Meridew my wyfe

20. all and all manner my good[es] moveable and unmoveable ye[ld]einge and

21.and [sic] payeinge unto Elizabeth my daughter the som[m]e of xxs [20s] at at before

22.the daye of her marriage and all my debts and funerall being finished

23.I doe ordaine and make Allse Meridew my wyfe my sole executrixe

24. to se this my last will and testament performed in the presentes of us

25.whose names are hereunder wrytten

26. John Higginsonn, Matthew Neale,

27. Richard Byrd; Thomas Judd

28 John Greene, Thomes Meakes

29.M[emorandum] probac[i]o testa[men]ti suprascript[i] et administrac[i]o bonorum d[i]c[t]i def[uncti]

31.Execut[ricis] in d[i]c[t]o testa[men]t[o] no[m]i[n]at

32. Will[iam] Babington /

- - -

33.The xth [10th] of Aprill

34.A true Emventary of the good[es] & Chattells of

35.Nicholas Meredeth late deceased.

36.One hat towe [two] Cot[es] two doblett[es] two pare of briches two peire of

37.Nether stock[es] one paire of Shues two shurt[es] three band[es]xs [10s]

38.The lese of the house vli [£5]

39.One Cubbard one Chere one forme one bord w[i]th all }

40.other Implement[es] } vs [5s]
41.One pott towe kettles one pott haules [/hanles?] one pare of }
42.Tong[es] i spitt i paire of Cobberd[es] i forke i spade }

43.i grate i spade } xs [10s]
44. Two platters two sacers1 one Candlestick xxd [20d]

45.Two bed[es] two keverlid[es] three blanckett[es] ij [2] Twyllowes2 }

46. ij [2] paire of sheet[es] ij [2] plillowes ij [2] Coffers the }

47. penting about the bed[es] w[i]th all other Implem[en]t[es] } xvjs [16s]

48.One bedstidd three old tobbs one barrell ij [2] wheeles } Forme iij [3] bord[es] i hand sawe iij [3] nawgers3 w[i]th }

50 other of his tooles w[i]th all other implem[en]t[es] } xs [10s]

51. one loome iij [3] peecles [peales?] one Chereun [/Chereim ?] ij [2] panching[es]4}

52 ij [2] yerthen pott[es] ij [2] benches ij [2] shelves w[i]th }

53 all other implem[en]t[es] } vijs [7s]

54. one Cowe one Calfe one Colte iijs xs 5 [3s 10d]

55 The heay & the mucke w[i]th all other implem[en]t[es] xiiijs [14s]

56. the some is xijli iijs viijd [£7 3s 8d]
57. Thomas Judd
58. Thomas Mobbes
59. Mathewe Neale

1 sawcer/saucer - sauceboat, usually metal, used for holding sauces and condiments; they were not used to hold cups until the 18th century
2 twill/twilly - a coarse linen fabric, often used for bed coverings
3 nawger - auger [contraction of ‘an awger’]
4 pancheon - a large, shallow, earthenware bowl, in which milk was allowed to stand in order to allow the cream to separate / a cask with a quarter barrel capacity.
5 should be ‘d’
MERIDEWE, Nicholas (I2512)
28 of Amersham MEREDITH, Damaris (I1630)
29 Unmarried lived in Hitchin.Address at death 8 Strathmore Ave, Hitchin,Hrt. Age 75 on death leaves everything to Bruce Benson retired printer, Bruce is living at the same address.
Beneficiary to brother Sidney's will in 1950 and to sister Ellen's will in 1966. 
MERREDEW, Winifred (I3311)
30 & certificate Source (S1000)
31 'John Merreday, a poor child of Chesham apprenticed to Wm Davey senior & his
son Wm Davey of Chesham for 7 years to learn art of wooden bottom chair maker
11 Oct 1732 - Bucks RO PR?????
Poss son of John & Sarah Merriden (1244) born 1716 in which case would be 16
when apprenticed.(Just poss he could be mine EH Jan 1998 John (1971MER001) who
married 1766 at Gatton, SRY a carpenter) 
MERREDAY, John (I1131)
32 'P' Pauper? MORRERIDALE, Charles (I1359)
33 * 1 daughter MEREDEW, George John (I82)
34 * died age 37 a few months after the birth of Patricia.Father's name Samuel
*Paddon who came from Plymouth 
PADDON, Nora Elizabeth (I3279)
35 * died in childhood age 3 MEREDEW, James (I84)
36 * Have copy of his will from which I got his date of death and the name of
*his daughter Brenda Pearl and her husband Harold Waudby 
MERREDEW, Victor John (I3055)
37 * In 1851 census Croydon age 49 in St. James Rd with wife and daughter Eliza.
*Shown as a labourer 
MCCARTHY, Edward (I3253)
38 * In 1851 census for Croydon in St. James Rd. age 48. PRING, Mary Ann (I3252)
39 * On death age 17 shown from Fittleton. MERRIDEW, Mary Anne (I544)
40 * Sergeant in 24th London World War 1. Campaign Medal NA WO/372 on fiche Arthur J Merridew 24th London Regiment, acting sergent regt. no. 2387/56162 Victory Medal LC/101 B209 p21271 MERREDEW, Arthur James (I5)
41 *1851 census for Croydon at 17 Union St. age 50 WICKS, Susanna (I3256)
42 *1851 census for Winterbourne Stoke age 23. TURNER, Elizabeth (I388)
43 *Address on marriage 'Five Oaks', 54 Clive Rd. West Dulwich. Father William
*Ralph Hayward of independent means. 
HAYWARD, Lewis Ralph (I3167)
44 *Address on marriage 37 Gillett Road, Norwood, father Frederick Hyde a fish-
*monger. She was 19 and a spinster. 
HYDE, Lily (I3067)
45 *Age at death 97 ANDERSON, Sarah Harriet (I200)
46 *Date of death from probate index's address 127 Godstone Rd, Kenley,Sy. died
*at Bourne View, Kenley.In will left everything to sister-in-law Janet Irene
*Merrydew wife of William and to niece Janet Irene.Spelling of surname varies 
MERREDEW, Albert (I3036)
47 *Date of death from probate index. Never married.Address at death Gable End,
*Balcombe Ave. Worthing,Ssx.In his will dated 26.6.1950 leaves his Masonic
*regalia to the Viatories Lodge of Freemasons,names Mrs Fanny Richardson wife
*of Frederick both of 7 Balcombe Ave.,Alfred, Eva,Gladys & Cecil Richardson
*children of Fanny,Mrs Olive Kent of Shanklin,sisters Ellen and Winifred
MERREDEW, Sydney Edgar (I3275)
48 *Died by drowning MERIDEW, Sarah (I393)
49 *died in childhood MEREDEW, Ellen Theresa (I85)
50 *Died in infancy MERIDEW, Ethel Jane (I400)

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